Is Winter Rodents a Problem in New York?

Rodents are recognized as a nuisance in New York in the winter season. As soon as the temperature starts sinking rodents start looking for a snug place to settle in. So they end up their search in our houses where there is plenty of food to eat and a shelter to live in. There are misunderstood myths that squirrels, mice, or rats hibernate in winter however, unfortunately, this is untrue. In colder months you can notice a slight slowdown in their activity but rodents are surprisingly active year-round. Rodents are known to survive in any climate and location; they have cracked the mechanism for survival. If you have reached here, you surely need rodent control exterminator for pest elimination.

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Why Rodents Are A Problem and what reasons for elevated infestation?

Of course, they are a problem to humans as they can carry harmful disease-causing bacteria like Salmonella and Hantavirus. There is no specific reason why our homes become susceptible to rodent infestation which forces you to hire pest control exterminator. Furthermore, many factors cannot be controlled manually but must be addressed to take every possible preventive measure. Many human activities like noise pollution due to construction and other ventures probably pressurize rodents to seek more secure forms of shelter. Other environmental factors like reduced temperatures also play an important role in varying animal behaviour. Decreased temperatures invited more rodent infestations; they start excavating deeper in our homes as they want to stay warm in winter. This is why winter infestations are severe and uncontrollable. Scarcity of food or fear of predators also leads to increased rodent infestation. All these reasons are enough to understand the need of contacting a local pest control exterminator to solve the rodent problem.

Why does New York have not many rats in winter?

Rodents are frequent in locations where there are people whether it’s the city or countryside. The most common rat species that are found in New York are the Norwegian rat and Black rat due to the abundance of food sources. Rodents are tremendously clever which is why it's difficult to eliminate them. Rodents are considered to utilize their food sources very patiently and save for forthcoming days also. This reason is enough for you to search for a rodent control exterminator. Another reason rodent infestation keeps on growing in the winter season is that they can reproduce rapidly and according to studies a female rat can reproduce eight offspring at one time. Not only this, these little newborn pups will be replicating in just five weeks. Undoubtedly temperature is just another reason behind the population of rats. Rodent infestation can be annoying and make your life difficult so make it easy with Pest control exterminators.

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How can you get rid of rodent infestation?

Rodents which include rats and mice carry deadly viruses and bacteria and munch down all your furniture and walls. Therefore, you can try as many home remedies to get rid of rodents but chances are that you will not succeed. In the end, you will require to hire professional rodent exterminators for permanent solutions. Rat traps are not a solution for their removal, a trained professional will understand the behavioural patterns of dwelling pests and then strategise the whole plan of action. The rodent exterminator will ensure different methods are incorporated and practised. The rodent control exterminators will sanitize and clean the property to retain the property’s pest-free condition.



Rodent infestation may not seem to carry harmful diseases, causing serious structural damages in our houses including electrical fittings also. You cannot determine whether a rodent carries a disease or not just by looking at it. No matter how many DIYs you have tried but what professional rodent control exterminators can do cannot be possibly done manually. You deserve a peaceful life without any intervention from pests so make better choices!