Identify and Prevent Rodent Infestations

Winter brings cooler temperatures, which causes rodents to move inside buildings in search of shelter, warmth, and food. Thousands of dollars are lost each year to property damage caused by rats and mice. In addition to posing a risk to your customers and employees, rodents can also transmit disease.

Warning Signs of a Rodent Infestation

To successfully defend against rodents, you need to know the signs of rodent presence and encourage your employees to look for these signs as well. In particular, look for small drops in drawers, cabinets, and along walls and floors. In addition, you will observe urine stains on shelves, drawers, and in cabinets. A hole in food packaging chewed wires, and scratching and thumping in walls are all signs of Rodent infestations. A rodent infestation may be indicated by any of these signs within your facility. Ensure that your pest management provider is aware of any findings.


Preventing Mouse and Rodent Infestations

All kinds of rodents are trying to rob your home. If you take the necessary steps to actively deter rodents before they set foot in your home, you can enjoy a truly peaceful habitat. Rodents tend to be adventurous with food. If there is food in or near your home, or if they smell food coming from inside your home, rodents will try to get in. The creature finds a way to reach the house through the smallest opening. Look outside your house. Examine the doors and windows. If you discover an opening, seal it as soon as possible.

What Are The Causes Of A Rodent Infestation?

There are many reasons why rodents invade homes and businesses. If so, it can contaminate your pantry and other living spaces. One of the main reasons rats try to invade your home is the need to seek shelter, especially during the colder months. It is no coincidence that rats are often found near places where food is abundant. They need food to thrive and survive, and homes have many sources of food for them to consume and grow. Unlike mice, rats cannot live on food and water alone and require a constant source of water for survival. Locations such as leaky pipes and gardens will provide the needed water. The reason your home becomes a target for rat infestations maybe because it is very easy for rats to access and find the above items for survival.

What you should do if you have Rodent Infestation?

If you suspect you have a rat, it's important to act quickly to control the level of infestation and reduce the health risks posed by this rodent. You can also take practical steps now to proof your home or business and prevent rodents. To get rid of mice and rats in or around your home or vehicle, you must clean up urine and droppings, dead rodents, and nesting materials correctly.