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What are Organic Pesticide ?

Organicpesticides are those made of natural ingredients. Chemicals are not free from them, they are just derived from botanical and mineral sources. Despite the caution required, the chemicals break down more rapidly and are deemed less dangerous than commercial sources. Chemicals are absorbed by the body almost all the time. The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the products we use to wash our bodies may contain these contaminants. The chemical build-up in the body has been shown to cause injury and deteriorate health. Pesticides used today persist in soil for years, adding toxins to our soil, air, and water.

Organic Land Management

Organic farming and growing can be immensely rewarding for many farmers and growers. Nevertheless, how can you make it profitable? What are the best practices? As a system, it relies more on skilled management- tending legumes, recycling of nutrients, animal grazing for intestinal worm control, encouraging pest predators, crop and animal selection and breeding, and timing cultivations to avoid weeds than on veterinary medicines, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Chemical Controls

Certain pesticides have been shown to cause a decline in the species diversity of aquatic organisms and predatory insects when they are introduced to aquatic environments. Despite concentrations deemed environmentally safe by current regulations, research statistics have found that pesticide exposure causes a 42% loss in species richness. Biologically beneficial arthropod species, such as bumble bees, spiders, and beetles, are much more abundant in untreated or organic fields than in those treated with insecticides, as is the case in the chemical dependence of agriculture. Pollination by these arthropods is essential to agricultural production, and the diversity of these arthropods prevents the overabundance of crop-damaging animals. To reduce the use of synthetic pesticides, we should use organic agrochemicals instead.