Are Beetles Taking Over Your House?

Beetles are almost everywhere in the world. There are more than 300,000 different species of beetles but this doesn't mean you want them in your yard or house. Not all of them are harmful but some can cause serious damage, read on to get this straight!

What Attracts Beetles to My Home and Yard?

You might be wondering what attracts beetles to your house, undoubtedly they need food, water, and shelter to survive. It is true that many species of beetles are destructive or are considered nuisance pests because of their search for the essentials, however, there are also species of beneficial beetles. Whatever their nature, how do beetles get to your area? Where do they come from? The most difficult part would be getting rid of them without hiring a professional beetle pest control exterminator. Here are some of the most common things that attract beetles to your yard and welcome them inside your home.

Keeping the lights open

Open lids of trash bins

Uncovered food products

Moisture places attracts more beetles

What Kind of Damage Can Beetles Cause?

Primarily Beetles cause damage to stored food products, timber, and field crops in many ways. Although, economic damage can be caused by larvae and adults but mostly the larvae that cause the maximum damage. To control the damage effectively you need to hire a beetles pest control exterminator. Generally, three basic groups have been named according to the specific kind of damage they cause: Wood Beetles, Food Beetles, and Fabric Beetles. Beetles are known to be damaging clothing, crops, furniture, and packaged goods. Specifically, Japanese beetles are responsible for around damage of $460 million yearly.

How Do I Know What Kind of Beetles I Have?

The very first step to getting rid of them is to analyze which type of beetles are invading your yard or home. At first glance, all the beetles look very similar so you have to look at them more clearly.

We have listed a few common types:

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles got their name from their love of destroying fabrics and upholstered furniture. They are fond of quiet, undisturbed, and dark places which makes them good at hiding places. Carpet Beetles are hard to spot until you start causing serious damage in your home.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles are popular in the U.S. as killers of ornamental and landscaping plants because they usually feed on fruits, flowers, and leaves. Adult beetles are shiny green in color which looks metallic. They are more likely to damage outdoor plants and gardens than inside your house.

Asian Beetles

Asian Beetles are commonly known as ladybugs and are very conventional in California. Ladybugs are considered a beneficial species when they eat plant pests outdoors but can cause serious damage when they get indoors. However, you can get rid of them with a beetle pest control exterminator. In the cold winter months, it's not uncommon to find thousands of insects in attics, ceilings, and cracks in walls. If they happen to get into your heating vents, they can be dispersed by the hundreds throughout the living areas of your home just by turning on your stove.

Click beetles

There are over 900 species of beetles. Beetles are generally not indoor pests, but they do enjoy eating plants and vegetables and can cause serious damage to your garden.

How to get rid of beetles from your house?

It might be time to call a Beetle pest control exterminator if you suspect you have a bark beetle or wood boring insect problem. There aren't many insecticides available to homeowners that are approved for use in treatment. An expert in pest management knows how to eliminate beetles in the best way possible because it's part of the job.