What Season Are Pests Most Active?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when pests are most active. Yes, whether they’re asking about mosquitoes, rats, fleas, or the ubiquitous love bugs. But people here know that, like humans, all pests have their own dearest season. Some of us love football, pumpkin spice and thanks giving. Some of us prefer summer for beach day trips, watermelon and family cooking. There is no one season answer for all pests, as pests have their own reasons for the season they “come out and play”.



While a lot of bugs may be departed from this planet or are in hibernation during cold, winter months, there are plenty of other troublesome critters to be aware of. Make sure bedbugs don’t bite you, ready to witness rodents. When the month of February rolls in you will be meeting lots of roaches around.


Spring is a beautiful time of growth, and fertility for much of nature. Unfortunately, pests love to join this gathering all around. In march you will be seeing termites and ants followed by bees in April.


The summer season can be a fun time filled with beach trips, and pool parties, and of course, plenty of bugs! Yeah, you read it right July to August you will be meeting irritating ticks, wasps, beetles, crickets and off course mosquitoes. You need to be extra alert about all the pests trying to get closer to you as summer is their favorite season.


People usually look forward to autumn when the leaves begin to fall and temperatures begin to drop. It’s a beautiful season of changing colors, but be aware that there are certain types of pests that love to come out at this time of year. Be sure to watch out for the bed bugs, spiders, centipedes, and many more.