Do a Few Bed Bugs Mean You Have an Infestation?

Bed bugs have got their name derived from a desirable feeding ground: your bed. As you sleep, these bloodsuckers crawl up to bite you, leaving itchy, red marks and welts behind. In ideal conditions, bed bugs can double their population every 16 days. Dive deeper to know what exactly bed bugs are. What is the right time to appoint pest control exterminators ? Where can you find them? Read on to learn more.

What Type Of Bed Bugs Can be Found At Your Home?

A bed bug's species can vary depending on its location and source. There are less than 90 species in the Cimicidae family of bloodsucking insects. Bed bugs are hard to distinguish from each other. There are three widely known species such as Cimex hemipterus, Cimex lectularius, and Leptocimex boueti causing an infestation in the United States. In comparison to tropical bed bugs, common bed bugs have a wider prothorax and flatter margins. There is a gap between the width of the eye and the length of the pronotum hairs on bat bugs. A bed bug is hard to distinguish without a microscope unless you are an expert with one.

Do all bed bug species feed on humans?

What do bed bugs feed on? They can snack on you and animals. There may be some relatives who love bats. But what bedbugs love to drink is your blood. You will need a professional pest control exterminator to determine if you are dealing with human vampires or bat brethren. The main identifier is the ratio of the length of hair on the anterior chest to the size of the eyes. Don't know what Pronotum is? Then save your time and effort. Please contact an expert before they take over your home. For any insect bites, contact a professional exterminator. Regardless of the type of bed bug that poses a threat to your family, it deserves swift and severe treatment.

How can you tell the severity of a bed bug infestation?

You can't "get" bed bugs. They must be brought to your home. What is your first clue that bed bugs were in your bag or second-hand furniture you bought at a flea market? Finding a few bed bugs doesn't seem like a big deal, but it could mean a full-blown infestation is lurking in your home. If you find just a one-bed bug in your home, don't run to conclusions in the first place. You might think that just a speck of pest is no big deal, but it could be an indication that you have a full-blown infestation under your nose. In this situation, you should call a pest control exterminator for the inspection.

Why It’s Hard to Spot Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very stealthy pests. They're as thin as a credit card, a reddish-brown color that blends easily into bedsteads and many pieces of furniture, and they're non-flying, so you're unlikely to see them crawling around your room. Make sure these are bed bugs. Bed bugs are oval, reddish-brown, less than 10 mm long, with six legs and small segmented antennae.

When do you need to call a professional bed bug exterminator?

If you find even a few bedbugs, you should contact an expert exterminator to confirm the infestation. A reputable pest control company has decades of experience fighting bed bugs and can perform a thorough examination and provide a treatment plan. Female bed bugs are of particular concern. Once pregnant, she immediately lays eggs and breeds offspring. One female can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime. If you find even a few bedbugs, your best bet is to contact a professional pest control exterminator.