What are the Common types of Pests Found in Residential and Commercial Setting?

Whether it's your home or your commercial or residential property, pests can be a nightmare. In a home, office, or commercial setting, dealing with pest problems on your own can be quite frustrating. Walls, ceilings, and communal areas of industrial buildings are especially prone to pest infestations. Pest problems can rapidly grow into major issues if you fail to act promptly on them.


Are you aware of the different types of pest?

Battling unwanted pests is a different type of struggle in itself. Before you can effectively prevent or remove pests in a residential or commercial setting, you must have a complete understanding of their types. Restaurants and commercial kitchens are most commonly plagued by four types of pests: ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, and rodents. There is no doubt that all of these products contribute to the spread of disease and have the potential to be harmful to consumers' health.


Rats and mice are primarily nocturnal and excellent climbers. Within a facility, nests can be found in storage boxes, wall voids, attics, roofs, crawl spaces, basements, and sewers. Rodents can pose a threat to your kitchen with many potential hazards and threats. Even they can carry smaller pests like ticks, lice and fleas.


According to Pest Management Professionals (PMPs), they are attracted to open trash, garbage bags and food debris on the floor. There are several types of flies that quickly become a nuisance in the business environment, including horseflies, blowflies, grape flies, sand flies, fruit flies, drain flies, lacewings, ferment flies, fresh flies, bush flies and house flies. Try to get rid of them before they start spreading infection and disease.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs spread easily and are difficult to spot in the early stages of an infestation. It is important to regularly inspect bedding for signs of bed bugs, such as rusty or reddish stains on mattresses, small black spots, bed bug droppings, live bed bugs, and faint yellow egg shells.


Termite infestations is known to be found in USA and are popular for damaging wood structures by eating them bit by bit. It won't take long for them to wreck your furniture and electrical wiring - not to mention your profits!


Spiders are also found in commercial establishments. They are small and do not appear to pose a threat to you or your employees, but a spider infestation can pose a big problem! Spider webs collect dust and become airborne when a person walks through them. and cause so-called “dust-related” allergies and breathing difficulties in some patients.