What do Termites Need for survival?

Pest control can be a troublesome task for some! Termites survival depend on cellulose, moisture, and heat to survive. Wooden building materials in and around homes, from basements to crawl spaces to attics, can be an ideal food source for these wood-destroying insects. Common construction conditions around the house, such as areas with poor slopes that allow puddles to form near the foundation, and air conditioning systems that produce runoff moisture, provide adequate moisture for termite colonies. These pests need to be controlled by hiring professional pest control exterminators. Through regular inspections, termite exterminators can help identify common heat spots in activity, warning signs of termite infestation, and tips for keeping termites at bay. Proper maintenance is important in sealing gaps in foundations and roofs/eaves, as termites can enter through gaps as thin as an average business card.

How do termites spread?

Termites are known for their ability to spread unnoticed. One of the most common ways termites spread new colonies in different parts of your home is through underground mud tubes and cracks in walls. Subterranean termites usually burrow into the foundations of buildings in search of new settlements. Another way termites move from one house to another is by flying. These little enemies can rent your home forever and you might need assistance from pest control exterminators to save them. Drywood termites usually spread only when swarming. During the swarm, termites grow wings and pair up to mate to form additional colonies. If you notice that your house has been fully infested with these little pests you are advised to hire pest control exterminators.

What causes Termites?

Termites, like most pests, are attracted to three main things: Food, shelter, and water. Any place where termites have easy access to these things is an attractive place for termites. Termites consume wood and cellulosic materials. The presence of these animals is always the biggest attraction for termites. Lumber, paper, firewood, and picture frames all look delicious to termites. Termites prefer homes that are warm, dark, and humid. In most homes, attics, crawl spaces, and garages are likely locations. Organic pest control Exterminator are worth hiring in order to save the environment and your health. When it comes to moisture, termites usually fed on moist soil. Poorly drained downspouts and gutters can make your yard a termite territory. These tiny creatures can create your house theirs if you didn't do the needfull and get some professional help from pest control exterminators.

Termite Season: When are Termites Most Active?

Everyone, except Antarctica, has the potential to have termites: they can be found on every continent. In what part of the world do termites live? A termite swarm emerges from its winter nest when the air temperature reaches 70 degrees. As soon as termites have mated, they break off their wings and go in search of a nest. Organic pest control exterminators are the only effective and efficient solution for controlling the damage. Once they find a good spot, the queen begins producing eggs, and soon a colony is formed. The formation of colonies typically begins in early to mid-June. The Midwest’s cold winters generally kill termites. Winter may not be a problem for colonies if they remain indoors. Pest control exterminators can solve the problem single-handedly if inspected on time.

How can you treat termites?

Several factors will determine the type of termite treatment you will need, including the type of termites infesting your house, the extent of the pests infestation, and the area of the country you live in. It is best left to the professionals when it comes to termite treatment due to its complexity and nuance. The DIY method often fails to provide effective results and may even cost more than a professional termite treatment. Termite infestation can be treated professionally by hiring professional pest control exterminators. Though, we have to take care of the exterminator using organic methods or chemical-based control methods. Envirosafe Solutions provides you with relevant sources and information for organic pest control.